Why Start Christian Based Businesses?

christian based businessesChristian based businesses give you what most full or part time jobs cannot. They can powerfully change your life. In one word… FREEDOM.

Just what are Christian based businesses? They are any business that you (a Christian) start, own and operate. You are what makes your business “Christian”.

Besides building wealth so you can freely give, here are some reasons why you need to start your own business now!

 To Strengthen Your Marriage and Family

A top reason some marriages end in divorce are covered in this personal finance article.

The stress, strife, and discontent that come from a lack of income is deadly.

Intimacy is directly proportional to quality and quantity time spent together. You can have a romantic revival! When mom and dad are happy, the kids feel secure and happy.

 To Grow Personally

Starting a Christian based business grows you. It will bring out the winner in you. There was a time when Scott could not look others in the eye. The thought of “leading” others terrified him.

The good news is you don’t have to figure everything out before you act on home based business ideas… if you have someone to mentor you along the way.

Imagine starting a Christian business being similar to successfully navigating through a minefield. Would you like to go first?

Your chance of getting blown to pieces is much greater if you don’t have the footprints to follow of someone who already made it through.

But better to start and fail than do nothing. Why? Because you will learn something of value. You will build Christian character.

Don’t worry!

No one we know has really been blown to bits.

You can become discouraged and lose hope. Don’t quit. Keep learning. We found answers and you will too. There are many great books that encouraged us to start businesses that glorify God.

 To Live Your Dream

skiing togetherMost adults don’t have dreams because dreams cost money. Ours were buried in concrete. Are yours?

Dreams and desires are God given.

Twenty years ago one of our dreams was to start home based businesses that could fund ministry.

For a time we gave up on our dream. Today it has become a reality. How? We never gave up on starting different Christian based businesses.

The last one paid off!

Words of Wisdom

We don’t mean to curb your enthusiasm, but we would be remiss not to point out some of the pitfalls.

Like Rich Dad Poor Dad says, not all Christian based businesses are created equal. Many popular income options are high risk.

You may need special knowledge and experience to compete. They can take large amounts of start up capital and time. There are usually no guarantees, so you can lose everything.

Take some time to use our filter to evaluate top home business ideas so you don’t end up like we did once.

One business http://www.christian-business-opportunities.org/top-home-business-ideas.htmlwe owned was like that… a ski and bike shop. It was worse than working for someone else.

After investing eight years and a quarter million dollars of investor’s money we lost it. Oh well… Scott hated when everyone else went skiing on big powder days while he was stuck in the shop!

Be wise. Good business people take only well thought out, calculated risks. Do your due diligence! Have any business questions you would like to ask? We’re here to help provide some answers.

People Always Ask Us What To Do

We have a sense of obligation to share our success with everyone. And for a while we tried to, but that was naive on our part.

We realized we can’t help everyone. Now we invest in people we see as potential business developers. As a result, we’ve helped some of them make more money than ourselves… what a great feeling!

We promote what we believe in and what has brought us success.

Network Marketing

Today we’re Network Marketing leaders with networkers around the world… including 7-figure leaders, corporate CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business owners who make millions of dollars per year.

We have personally helped other Network Marketers build huge organizations and many like you have achieved varying levels of financial freedom.

Now that you know some reasons why you should start your own Christian based businesses, your next step is to check out our home business ideas page.

This is where we encourage you to partner with us and become a valued member of the home marketplace, with a common mission to change people’s lives.

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