Scott and Laurie Prindle | A New Life Together

scott and laurie prindleAs athletes Scott and Laurie Prindle met in a health club named “Slim Chance”!

Scott was a weight trainer and Laurie an aerobics instructor… both new believers.

A perfect match.

They have raised three awesome boys and are now “empty nesters”.

They feel it’s time to invest in other people and help them get what they want in life. Now they’re raising up new business builders instead of kids.

Scott & Laurie Prindle love being together. They pastor together, work together and play together.

Living in a place geared to the outdoor lifestyle, the freedom to take advantage of all that is offered is one of their core values.

That freedom is also vital to their church ministry. In 1995 they planted a church in Idaho with others who had a vision to see God transform lives.

Lifting People Up

This vision includes utilizing their unique location as a coaching and training center… a place where people gather, grow, and then go be the Church.

Desiring to model the message, Scott and Laurie Prindle are committed to being bi-vocational ministers. They use their gifts within and without the walls of the church.

Their mission in life is “Lifting People Up”. Scott and Laurie Prindle offer a business opportunity for people who like helping people and it is another avenue of ministry for them.

Scott and Laurie Prindle call what they do in business “Marketplace Ministry”. It is the reality that God uses businesses to reach and serve people.

They help others build businesses and show others how to do the same. Scott and Laurie Prindle have helped others earn great incomes by teaching them how to help others.

Scott’s Story

scott prindleScott was raised in Massachusetts in a Congregational church until he was nine years old.

He received a Bible from his Sunday School class but his parents gave him the option to join the ski team or attend Sunday School.

Scott turned out to be a great ski racer as the captain and champion of his ski teams through high school and college.

Growing up he was always very shy and did not have a lot of self-confidence. By high school he began using alcohol and drugs to deal with insecurities and fears.

When he got to college at U. Mass, Amherst he was out of control and didn’t even know it.

One morning he woke up hungover in the hospital after crashing his mom’s Ford Pinto into a telephone pole the night before. It was then an awareness of God began to grow.

He began reading that Bible for the first time… searching for meaning and purpose in his life. It had rested in the bookcase for ten years. Scott was captivated by Jesus, but still depended on alcohol and drugs to deal with life.

Two years later while watching Rex Humbard on TV he kept hearing “God loves you and has a plan for your life.” The testimonies he heard got to his heart and Scott prayed for God to forgive him and believed in his heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.

He met Christ and got born again in the spring of 1979.

His life now has meaning and purpose. Over time he was able to overcome his addictions as a new confidence grew within. Scott is able to think less of himself and more of others.

Scott is not near as shy as he used to be and can even talk in front of groups of people! Scott is forever grateful to God for his new life in Christ. He is an ordained evangelist with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

Laurie’s Story

laurie prindleLaurie’s parents divorced when she was 15 and was pretty much left alone.

On her own since age 17, some of the people she got involved with were druggies and some were abusive.

To dull the pain she got relief with the drugs and alcohol.

She ended up in a divorce as a single parent and all alone. Laurie knew she was incapable of raising her son properly or saying no to things she should.

As a single mom, Laurie got her second chance when her life was shaken from a severe car accident resulting in a broken arm and neck.

It was in a friend’s apartment she somehow remembered hearing about asking Jesus into your heart and that He would “save” you.

She knew she needed saving, so she got down on her knees in the bathroom and prayed a prayer to ask Jesus to come into her heart. She got up, looked into the mirror and thought, “a lot of good that did me”.

But things started happening in her life to make her realize that God was with her all the time… that He was real and powerful to help her.

For the first time in her life she started to desire good things… and things started changing. Shortly after, God miraculously healed her broken neck.

“Life doesn’t seem bleak or out of control anymore. There is stability in my life, an awareness of God being with me all the time.”

She has joy that doesn’t seem to depend on circumstances, and confidence for her future.

Her desire now is for the things of God, and she is more content than ever serving as an ordained evangelist with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

Laurie is a musician who enjoys playing worship music. She has passed on her musical talents to their three boys who are now a guitarist, a drummer and a bass player.

Mountain Majesty

cbo home office
View From The Home Office

When not working or traveling, Scott and Laurie Prindle are playing in the mountains.

They love to ski, bike, hike, jog, soak up the sun and everything else you can do in the Tetons.

They look at this web site as an online ministry to those looking for answers to business, financial, and spiritual needs.