Christian Careers Unite Your Calling and Business

Christian Careers are vocations you pursue as a calling. As a follower of Christ you are called to ministry. We all are.

In fact our main job as Christians is the “work of the ministry”.

One of the most exciting awakenings in the Church today is the reality that you don’t have to look for christian jobs to have a ministry vocation.

You can see your job or career transformed into a full time ministry. Hang a sign above the door you use to leave home for work that says…

You Are Now Entering Your Mission Field

The 9 to 5 Window

You can begin to experience the power of the Holy Spirit working through you everyday at work… Monday through Friday… as much or even more than on Sunday mornings.

As you begin to respond to this new calling… one that marries your desires, gifts, vocation and life’s purpose into one unified package, life gets very exciting.

You will see that home business ideas present unlimited opportunities for your vocation and church ministry to dovetail together, enabling you to reach even more people.

Readers of The 9 to 5 Window, by Os Hilman will learn about this incredible movement and what can take place when people transform their view of work from a means of paying the bills to a means of freeing people in bondage and giving those around them (and themselves) purpose and meaning in life and at work.

For a lot of you, work is a means to an end. You fall into jobs, businesses, or Christian careers just to pay the family bills and give to your local church to support its ministry.

We used to do that. It was unfulfilling. Our jobs were not giving us a sense of purpose. It was hard to see how we were making a difference in the world other than through our church.

As a result, many with a heart for the Kingdom of God gravitate towards what they have been taught is “real ministry”. You know… working at the church.

Christian careers like maintenance, teaching Sunday School, counseling, youth pastoring or other vocational church staff positions, maybe eventually becoming a Sr. Pastor.

This was our concept of ministry. The ultimate Christian Career in our thinking was to transition into “full time ministry”… earning income through a church salaried ministry jobs. For a year we did exactly that.

But many find themselves unfulfilled after investing years in Bible College or Seminary because they were never called to vocational ministry. They were called to minister doing what they do best… business, art, sports, and many other “secular” careers.

Through christian business opportunities (cbo), many are finding a vehicle that not only fills their lives with purpose; we are seeing many discover the joy of what we call Marketplace Ministry.

Find the Right Vehicle

Our only problem was the brick and mortar business we owned consumed all our time and energy. There was little income to show for all our hard work.

We managed to scrape by on $2,000 a month. Try raising a family of five on that income in a resort town!

That’s when we started praying and seeking for answers. Nothing we looked at seemed like a better option.

We tried to go back to the “full time ministry” way of thinking but our church could not fully support us.

God had other plans. He wanted us back in business and to remain bi-vocational pastors.

Then a ski boot customer who befriended us began to teach us how home business ideas could provide an income and a lifestyle giving us more freedom to make choices.

Of all things it turned out to be…

The Network Marketing Industry!

Yikes! Please… anything but that Lord!

How on earth can Christian careers in Network Marketing be right for pastors of a church? In our minds they were worlds apart and diametrically opposed.

It took learning the secrets of the business before we realized we wouldn’t have to bother people in our church to build it. That was a huge relief.

The revelation came about by meeting other top entrepreneurs who built great businesses. They shared with us the amazing exploits God does while they work.

We were quite taken aback when we realized that they were reaching out to many more people than we were through pastor jobs. They each had their own unique gifts and talents and were able to use and grow in them through their business.

Bottom line… they were living fulfilled, abundant lives. They had what we were looking for.

Those secrets we mentioned? It isn’t eaasy to discover them on your own.

It actually took meeting the right people and years of seeking before we had a revelation that uncovered a way to bring people into our business that didn’t depend on traditional methods most people use.

A Great Ministry Vehicle

Betty’s Story

“More than anything else for the 1st time in my life I’m able to work with more purpose and passion because we’re truly helping people…”

Betty Blazic

Hear Betty’s story here.

Harlan Shares

“After a 20 year career with Army I had great results… Ten months into it I had a residual income of $2500 which equaled my military retirement.

Five years into this business I make between $12K to $15K a month out of my house. I love what I do”

Harlan Humphrey

Hear Harlan’s story here.

Julie’s Blessed

“I’m so excited about the results I got that I’m telling everybody I know. For 21 years I taught school and struggled to pay the bills.

I’ve been involved in this business for eleven months and am making from $3,500 to $6,000 a month. I’m helping so many people just like me with no hope and it’s changing their life just like it did mine”

Julie P.

Hear Julie’s story here.

Now We Teach Them To Others

If you are begining in Network Marketing or been around a few years, you can build an income and lifestyle using the same secrets we have that will make you more effective than 95% of Network Marketers. They work regardless of the company and product you represent.

And people will appreciate that you really care about them with more than just words because you’ll be able to pay it forward to by teaching them the same secrets.

You will see lives changed, bodies healed, souls saved. Yes- Christian careers help build God’s kingdom!

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