The Benefits of Capitalism

benefits of capitalismThe benefits of capitalism far outweigh its imperfections. In recent days we have been hearing that capitalism only benefits those on Wall Street and not those on Main Street.

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Those who have been “blessed” are being pressured by political leaders to give back to the “less fortunate”.

It’s as if there’s a deck of fortune cards that someone deals out and only a few lucky ones are dealt a good hand.

Worse yet, the argument goes, the dealer is racist, sexist, or just plain unjust. So therefore the right thing to do is to have our government re-distribute the cards so it’s fair.

Yet the benefits of capitalism have proven over history to benefit all society.

People with high incomes have shown to provide valuable goods and services to, and with much gratitude from their fellow man.

Take Bill Gates and Sam Walton for example. Each has provided us with goods and services we gladly give them money for.

The wealth of these famous entrepreneurs is simply a reflection of their contributions to society.

Many criticize and condemn them, but take away their detractor’s computer software or their low priced goods and see what they say then.

5 Benefits of Capitalism*

1. Provides valuable goods and services.

2. Rewards hard working people and initiative.

3. Creates a higher standard of living for all.

4. Narrows the gap between common person and wealthy.

5. Provides opportunity to realize dreams and desires.

*Like anything that depends on the heart of man, Capitalism can and has been abused by some.

A biblical world view toward money, capitalism and freedom is revealed in the new short:

Mind Over Money

Cream Rises To The Top

Christian business opportunities give everyone an equal opportunity, but like cream rises to the top so do those who believe hard work makes a difference.

Income earners are those who understand that if you do not work you do not eat. They understand they have a moral obligation to their fellow man and are the only ones who make it possible for the poor to be helped.

Those who always take and never give back, those who steal, those who live off others; they seem to be the ones we want to feel bad for… certainly not the wealthy.

“Evil capitalist pigs”, they cry. “You take advantage of the poor and less fortunate.”

Logically this is impossible since people who have nothing cannot be taken advantage of. They have nothing to take. Only those who have something can have it taken from them.

We share this because if you are looking for Christian business opportunities you will need to come to terms with the benefits of capitalism to all of mankind. You will need to be excited about home business ideas that make sense and profit.

Ask yourself these questions.

 Is the world better off today then it was two thousand years ago?
 Do the majority of people today live with a higher standard of living?
 Do they enjoy more comforts?
 Do people suffer less sickness and disease?
 Do people live longer?

Can you imagine not having running water, electricity, a car, smart phones, or toilet paper? Even though many people don’t, capitalism has made it possible for more of mankind to benefit as much as the wealthy man.

The gap is much less than it was even just a hundred years ago.

A Better System

Capitalism has made building wealth possible by serving one’s fellow man rather through enslaving them. Even though it is not new to humanity, its benefits have promoted abundant life far beyond any previous system.

One of the biggest benefits of capitalism is that it gives you the opportunity to pursue your God given dreams and desires. It takes away limitations of the past and offers you a hope for the future.

Don’t get caught in the trap of comparing capitalism to the non-existent, non-realizable utopias of socialism or communism.

Any earthly system will pale in comparison to the Kingdom of Heaven. But for the present, capitalism with all of its spots and blemishes, is superior to any system yet devised to deal with our earthly needs and desires.

Many ministries use capitalist principles to offer a variety of Christian jobs or Christian careers.

Finally, the benefits of capitalism have helped advance the Gospel. What could be more beneficial to mankind than hearing the Good News of the Kingdom of God?

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