Rich Dad Poor Dad Says,
“Make Money Work for You”!

Rich Dad Poor Dad author says, “The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.”

Being a business owner is the first step to making money work for you.

Not All Businesses Are Created Equal

Employees will never treat your business like you do. You have to be there to look after your business… and your employees. You need to build a business that multiplies your time and effort.

Your business needs to make you money even while you sleep. In our case we make money even while we ski!

To do this you have to understand the power of multiplication and how it applies to business. You need to know how to use a system of duplication. You need to learn to build a network.

Systems Multiply Your Efforts

McDonald’s sells more hamburgers than any other restaurant. Why?

Is it because they have the best tasting hamburgers? If you answer yes, we really need to broaden your fine dinning horizons!

McDonald’s knows what every Rich Dad Poor Dad student knows; it’s the system that makes you successful.

Walk into any McDonald’s and you experience a great system. You know exactly what to expect.

The food may not be the best for you… which is why we don’t eat there much. Yet their system produced over twenty billion dollars ($20,000,000,000) in revenue for McDonald’s in 2006!

When starting a christian business, a system leverages your time and money. A system enables duplication to take place.

Duplication is the same as multiplication. Multiply your efforts and you have freedom.

One store can sell hundreds… Ten stores can sell thousands… One hundred stores sell hundreds of thousands… Thousands of stores sell millions. You get the picture.

We think McDonald’s stopped counting hamburgers. If any one happens to know the current count please contact us!

Build a Network to Build Wealth

Another way to think of a system is a “network”. Most people are trained to work for a network. They work for money.

People who create wealth start and build networks. Their money works for them. They start their own business then duplicate it in many locations. They own the network.

Henry Ford created an assembly line to mass produce automobiles. What was he going to do with all those cars? Try to sell them off a Detroit car lot?

No way. He built a network of dealerships giving each of them the opportunity to be a business owner.

Rich Dad Poor Dad says there are other ways you can become rich. You can marry for money, wait for an inheritance, get lucky, lie and cheat, be greedy. Not really good options for a Christian.

A Revolutionary Way to Build Wealth

The only true option is to start your own business.

This is not easy for most people and very risky. For these reasons many people choose a network marketing business. They see the benefits of low start up costs.

They understand the need for a mentor… something built into a successful network marketing businesses. Take a look at top home business ideas for good reasons to consider network marketing.

There are few options where the potential is so high with the risk being so low. People see a way to build and own a network without putting their families welfare at risk.

We agree with Rich Dad Poor Dad author when he says, “A network marketing business is a new and revolutionary way to achieve wealth”.

You Need a Rich Dad

Duplication = Multiplication = Freedom!

We also know that most people who start a network marketing business never earn much income. They fail to build a network. Wealth building is never realized.

We tried for ten years with three different network marketing businesses and failed each time. That was valuable experience gained. We know what doesn’t work!

It would be ten more years before we met someone who knows what does work. They’re earning over a million dollars a year.

We are blessed that they were willing to teach us what works. They became our Rich Dad. They taught us so well that we can teach others so well that they can teach others… this is how you make money work for you just like Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches.

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