Gorilla Marketing Using Imagination and Wisdom

gorilla marketingGorilla Marketing is often mistaken for “Guerrilla Marketing” which was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his popular 1984 book Guerrilla Marketing.

It is as an unconventional system of marketing that grabs people’s attention on a very low budget.

Every size business, big or small, can benefit from using it. Christian advertising campaigns should also take advantage of it.

A Guerrilla is someone who engages in unconventional warfare… Guerrilla Warfare… without the benefit of a big military budget. This is a way for small businesses to effectively reach their market. Some call it “thinking outside the box”.

A Gorilla is a big hairy animal that grabs everyone’s attention!

Cadbury (think chocolate) put the two together in an extremely effective form of video viral-advertising. We are beginning to produce simple Christian movies and making them available as podcasts in order to get the word out about cbo.

King Kong embodies the magnificence of this amazing creature’s ability to attract publicity. If Norman Rockwell painted covers for New Gorillas Magazine… he would have done King Kong’s portrait!

The idea is that your God-given creativity can make up for a lack of big marketing budgets. Instead, you rely on your time, energy, imagination, inspiration… and wisdom from above.

christian business opportunities (cbo) uses Gorilla Marketing with a simple system based on reality to reach the home marketplace. It relies on word-of-mouth results… real people with real stories telling others about something they believe in.

Small Ideas Create Big Opportunities

One friend of ours, Andrew Fischer, is a great example of how this kind of marketing works. He came up with Human AdSpace.

It all started in January 2005. He made close to $50,000 by selling ad space on his forehead in the form of temporary tattoos.

It landed him on major TV shows like Good Morning America, Inside Edition and Fox News. Great publicity for him and his advertisers!

Remember this one… when two guys shut down the city of Boston with a terror scare? It turned out to be nothing more than low-tech “Light Brite” signs hung on bridges, buildings and tunnels as part of an ad campaign for the Cartoon Network!

They got the results they were looking for… worldwide publicity. But they didn’t exactly want to be terrorist suspects in the process. A good reminder to use Godly wisdom in all your Christian advertising.

Different types of advertising for your business and ministry should be considered when putting together a Guerrilla Marketing strategy.

With God All Things Are Possible

The possibilities are as endless as our Lord is eternal. The only limit is your imagination. Always keep it clean and tasteful. Use discretion. Your marketing reflects more than just your business… it represents you and the Kingdom of God.

A more modern version of Gorilla Marketing is Viral Marketing or Viral Advertising. This happens when people like your creativity so much they “Like” it on Facebook, “Tweet” about on Twitter, or “Share” it through e-mail or other forms of social networking to everyone they know.

Our business takes advantage of both. It has a built in success system that markets through centers of influence. You can use it to build the income and lifestyle you desire.

The foundation of Gorilla Marketing is imagination and inspiration. Pray that you are open to the ideas God is giving to you. Don’t dismiss them if they seem crazy or unconventional to you.

Remember… Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…

Here’s one example of a way to help build your Internet Marketing list.


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