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Who are you? Understand your values and what’s important. Then begin to develop your customer persona. Knowing who your customer is will determine what online platforms they are using. Take a look at your competition. You might find this is a weak area for them that you can take advantage of. Or you may find they have a thriving social community and develop an understanding of how they created it through their online presence.


Where are you going? How will you get there? You start with your website designed and optimized for your customer or client. It can be a simple online brochure or a living online marketing tool. Your ability to create fresh, original content determines which course to take. Your site may be a simple landing page designed to capture leads for an email marketing campaign. Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google or Facebook may be the right tool for this purpose.


What value are you offering? You customer is searching for something. They have an itch you need to scratch or a point of pain you need to sooth. Your online marketing content should position you as the leader in what it is you customers are looking for. Content determines your ability to emotionally connect online and build a community of loyal followers. Then it becomes a valuable asset to your business and customers, increasing your net worth.

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