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Since 2003, people looking for home business ideas have found success at christian-business-opportunities (cbo).

It is Simple. Real. Makes Sense.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, career professionals, stay-at-home moms… people from every background repeatedly out earn other home based businesses.

Why? Because We Change People’s Lives.

christian-business-opportunities (cbo) has the right product and the right system that remove the barriers and unknowns.

This is how you build life-long income.

Earn Priority Status

Take Control Today

Business owners build genuine, profitable, ever-growing businesses… a way to earn great income from home.

You can too. You will take control of your life AND you will make a difference in this world.

No matter how long and hard you search for home business ideas, you will realize that nothing over delivers like cbo.

Nothing like it even exists.

Most people never earn any income with “Christian” business opportunities promoted on the Internet. Many lose money in get-rich-quick schemes.

Have you tried other home businesses that did not pan out?

What’s Different About cbo?

Our product has a proven 28+ year track record. Our system is natural. You learn by doing it with us. We have objective proof of success… over and over again!

In fact, your business start-up comes with a 100% money back guarantee for one full year! That makes it as good as Risk Free.

What’s Different About cbo Business Owners?

They earn income by focusing on building a business based on helping others. They do not think “get-rich-quick”.

They are from every background… new at business to multi-million dollar success stories.

Last year, our friends who had no business or sales background, no college, earned over a million dollars.

Another friend who is a stay-at-home mom earned $3,000 a month and got to be with her children. The difference is simply time and effort.

What cbo is NOT!

❌ We’re not a get-rich-quick deal, because they DO NOT EXIST!
❌ We’re not promising you that building a business is cheap or quick and easy.
❌ We’re not leaving you on your own to figure things out saying, “Good Luck”.
❌ We’re not looking at you as a number, another soon to be business failure.

In fact, we look at you as a valued member of a focused family of business builders with a common mission to change people’s lives. We care about you and the quality of your life.

That’s why cbo is NOT for everyone. It is more like a calling… a way to serve the Lord and others. You have to truly care about other people.

Do You Have Questions?

Call us at +1 208-456-2222, 9AM-9PM (MST) 6 days a week to visit with us (we take Sunday’s off).

Throughout this web site you will have opportunities to contact us to find out what home based business God has used to change our lives.

Why Wait?

Take Action Now!

Your Business Future Is Calling.

When you set your appointment we make a simple promise to you. We’ll be real with you. We will share enough information so you can determine your next step.

We have nothing to sell, convince, or pressure you with. You decide if this is different than other home business ideas out there.

Still Not Sure?

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