Viral Advertising With Moral Integrity

Viral Advertising… you check your e-mail and notice mail in your Inbox from a friend. The subject line says, “Really Cool Video”.

You open it because it’s from your friend who you trust and sure enough… you enjoy the video so much you forward it to your family and friends so they can see it too.

This is viral advertising in a nutshell. It started with one source then spread via the Internet and e-mail to hundreds or thousands of others.

It’s contagious and you helped spread it without the advertiser spending a penny of their marketing budget.

Goodbye to Hollywood Advertising

It all starts by letting your creative side entertain ideas… then putting some flesh to them. You don’t have to produce an expensive video. Even amateur videos can end up going viral. This is why we’ve made

Christian movies
we’ve titled cbo Marketplace Minute.

You have the opportunity to communicate your message in so many ways. Many great viral marketing campaigns are as simple as e-mail.

We found one example in Harvey Segal’s The Ultimate Supertip.

The Ultimate Viral Marketing Supertip?

Harvey Segal exploits common motivations and behaviours in his ebook called The Ultimate Supertip. You’re thinking, “Not another ebook”! Hold on… Please note that:

• It’s yours, FREE
• There is no e-mail address required
• You have nothing to buy, but lots to gain

Now this is a switch! Interested?

Download it here, and see how you can use this viral marketing supertip for your website or product… or read more about The Ultimate Supertip in Harvey’s article: “How to Produce the Perfect Viral E-Book”.

Here Are A Couple Of Viral Video Examples

YouTube “Gorilla Marketing” Video Was A Huge Hit!

GodTube “Preaches the Gospel” Without Saying A Word!

YouTube vs GodTube

YouTube has become a big part of the viral marketing world. We cautiously recommend it for Christian advertising… if you use discretion.

Some of the viral marketing being spread through video contains sexual content. This content can easily be displayed and promoted along with your videos.

Unfortunately in today’s culture many take advantage of the idea that sex sells. You can be exposed to this degradation through YouTube and other “social” websites without solicitation from you or your children. Make sure you take the necessary precaution’s like having filtered ISP or monitoring software like Covenant Eyes.

We know those who are foolish enough to go this route lose out long term. What kind of people do you think they’re attracting?

GodTube is a great Christian alternative. The trade off is that there are not nearly as many viewers. This means the viral potential is not as great.

Use which ever best suits your need. Many choose to put their viral advertising on both.

Take a Stand

One solution for reclaiming media is for more Christians to have a visible presence on social sites like YouTube. Christians cannot afford to passively sit back and let the world take control of modern communication technology.

OK… we’ll get off our soap box for the moment. But we do take moral integrity seriously. There is a culture war raging around us. We all need to do our part to stand against the spiritual darkness of this age.

What do you think? Take our poll and see what other visitors at christian-business-opportunities (cbo) think.

Should Christian’s Have a Presence on YouTube and Other “Social Sites”?
Let us know… comment below.

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