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Most people who become top entrepreneurs do not start at the top.

Here are a few stories of people like you who were looking for Christian business opportunities.

Hearing stories like these catch your attention. You think of the possibilities for yourself… and you begin to think of people you know that need to hear about this.

Real People, Real Stories

top entrepreneursMost of our friends featured over in the right-hand sidebar are not financially connected to us… they are not making any money by sharing their story.

They are just a sampling of what is happening for people who decided to take advantage of the offline business opportunity that we offer.

We encourage you to listen to each story. They sound like a sixty second radio commercial because that’s what we originally used them for… so the sound quality is pretty good.

There are hundreds more people we can introduce you to with amazing stories. This is how you begin to educate yourself about our offline business opportunity.

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